Jun 12, 2012

♥SKINFOOD♥ Miniature Acorn Jelly Mask


It's a mini mask! :3 FYI i'm a freak person that really love miniature or cute stuffs :p
And I found out this product in the same OS(onlineshop) as the rice cleanser.
Well it's cheap and CUTE so yeah I buy one for me :$

So it says that this mask is for big pores and oily face, well I don't really have a big pores but totally interested for the oily face as my T-zone area is oily than other area on my face...
But these days as I'm having my holiday I always sleep very late which gave me now a lot of acnes on my forehead (poor face) *cry* But then I used my acne cream and somehow my forehead is becoming very dry :(

BUT, I frequently now spray my face with face mist and apply toner,emulsion, and face cream so my face will be less dry. I'm not also helping because I'm the type of person that don't really drink enough water for a day :p so yeahhh my skin is really dry dry dry huhu :(

No ingredients listed on the packaging or even the small paper....

(It have some tag which all written in korean hangul) I can read but don't really know what's the meaning xD

uuuuu so cute right! A jelly mask :3

I don't know if you can see but there's actually a small beads(super small) and if you apply it on your face you won't see any beads or feel it 

It's very transparent and have some brown color so when I applied it on my face it look like I have a tan skin xP

So this is my opinion after using this mask:
  • It makes my face smooth and soft after I use the mask
  • Hold my oil on my face for a few moments
  • It's a bit hard to apply because it's not a cream, and ended up putting very thin coat of this mask
  • I clean this first with just water but doesn't feel clean yet so decided to clean with my cleanser. So  I feel that this is kinda hard to remove with just a water
  • The last thing that's BAD is the smell of this mask :S I don't know if it just me but really hate the smell, SO WEIRD @@ 
The price:

My rate for this product:

Not one of a good mask that I've tried :( 

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