May 29, 2012

♥THEFACESHOP♥ Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam


To all of you who doesn't know about the benefits of rice water, especially for our skin. I'm going to discuss about it today ;)

Rice water has been used for washing our face & hair by most of the olden asian people. Rice water helps us in:
~ Make our skin feel smoother and softer.
~ Helps brighten dark complexions.             
~ Tightening pores so it become smaller.
~ Firms up our skin.
~ It can also make hair healthier and more shiny. 

But nowadays only few people use rice water for washing their face or hair because now they provide shampoo and facial cleanser that's more easier to get.

Recently I was looking at THEFACESHOP stuffs at one of the online shop(I'm an onlineshopaholic :$) and I found this rice water bright cleansing foam in which the ingredients is made up from rice water. 

So I really want to give it a try on my face and decided to buy one :p

Contains 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz.

(Still sealed)

(going to use it for the first time :p)

(I usually use this much amount of a cleanser. This facial foam has a very thick creamy and dense texture)

 (Add little amount of water and it'll form lots of foam which is enough to clean my face)

My overall opinion:
  • I really love the soft fragrance !!! 
  • It gives me smoother and softer face after using it
  • This product is really good for sensitive and combination skin (like mine)
  • Doesn't show any brightening effect to my skin.
  • It doesn't help in oil control, so this is not recommended for oily skin.
The price:

My rate for this product:

(No oil control!)

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