Aug 1, 2012



Another famous product which I will review it today for you guys ::)
It's the tony moly lip tint!!! But I bought the mini one, as it is so kawaii xD
Lip tint/Lip stain is not a lipgloss either a lipstick but it's a product that give our lips a color for a quite long time than such a lipstick or lipgloss.
Lip tint also does not shines when applied on our lips, these one is a liquid type which absorbs to our lips very quickly!
So here are some suggestion before applying a lip tint like these type. Apply a lip balm and then put the lip tint.
It helps for a dry lips like mine, but if you lips is so smooth then I guess it's fine to just apply it without any lip balm...

My lips always look very pale somehow making me seen dull instead of a fresh face(which I really want to)! But by using these little amount of lip tint I can somehow have a fresh&colored lips and I do adore this stuff :p This can be also use as a cheek tint but you must blend it very fast!
It's like my face saver to look naturally fresh and yummy :p
But I cannot use this stuff everyday to school.. as I need to hurry up every morning and no time to apply this lip tint properly.
If I put it too much on my lips I will look totally fake, so yeahhh... I'll just use this when I'm going out  
other place than school....

(The applicator is a wand type which I think everyone can work with this ;p)

(Before I blend awayyy...)

(Not really blended so well as I took a bit of time taking the photo above and I think it almost dry)

(Sorry that the pic is blur x( and also don't mind my dry lips! On this pic I applied around 1-1.5coats of the lip tint)


  • The cute packaging :*
  • How the lip tint makes my lips look fresher!
  • Easy to apply

  • How it dries too quickly, so I need to blend very fast...
  • The bitter taste when the product meet your tongue x(