Jul 7, 2012



BB BOOMER is a primer for BB CREAM which the BB stands for Blemish Balm. 
This product is very famous amongst asian wome and even MEN!
The product started BOOMING in korea as most of the actress start using it and many people see that the results on their skin is so amazing! So many people already tried bb cream and they totally love it including me, not even only asian people are using this thing nowadays.
Many dermatologist use bb cream to heal acne scars or scars caused by some laser surgery.
But for me I used bb cream for even out my skin or making my skin look brighter.
As a teenager I realized that foundation is not really good for skin of my age, so yeah I decided to use bb cream which is alike as tinted moisturizer. Most of the bb cream produce from korea.

Same like foundation this product also have a primer, bb boomer is one of the bb cream primer.
It set the bb cream to stay longer on our skin but the bb boomer itself have somehow looks good by using it alone on our face(and that's what I usually do)
I don't know why but this product makes my face producing more oil if I use it along with bb cream.
As the bb cream itself have mostly lack of oil control for our face...

On the product it says that it have some brightening effects, yes that's true which I like when I applied it on my skin it's making my skin looking brighter naturally. It says that this product is also moisturizing but I don't feel really moisturized when I'm using this and why this product has totally no oil control?! So for me this is not really a good primer, anyway I can still use this to make my face looking brighter so not a totally waste product :P
(It comes in a tube like that making it easier to get the product on our hand, just squeeze it!)

(Maybe it's not shown in the pic, but actually the packaging and the cream of this have some kind of purple-pinkish shimmer on them)

(It have some water-creamy texture. I think ;p)

(I don't know if you guys can see it but actually the one w/ boomer is whiter than w/out boomer)

  • It brightens my skin even w/out using my bb cream
  • The texture of this product is so easy to put on my skin
  • The package comes out in a tube instead of pump
  • Quick absorbant I guess...

  • No oil control!




Jul 5, 2012

♥BAVIPHAT♥ Apple Jelly Lip Scrub


So as you can see by the tittle above, today I'm going to review about this cute mini apple jelly lip scrub :*

The product is so small as like this one will also be a small quick review.
From what I know this is a very famous product from Baviphat and as this product is super duper kawaii and so much affordable, I was thinking why don't I give it a try?? As I have like a very chapped and dry lips because I love to tear the dry skin off my lips and sometimes it can cause bleeding and making my lips a lot more worseeee !

SO what I hope from this product is actually to make all the dry skin on my lips gone so there's nothing I could tear and by that making my lips into a normal lips xD
But sadly this product is not good enough for that :( In my case there's totally no change at all before after using this product! Kinda disappointed luckily this is not a very expensive product so not a real pain for my wallet :p Actually I had pictured already the before after of using this scrub but there's really no different that's why I will not show any pic before after of my lips.

(Cute packaging! And the green color is also very lovely)

(LOOK it's only 4-5cm tall I think...)

(There's some beads inside and this thing smells so delicious xD!)

(The product is almost transparent and have some peachy color)


  • Of course the sweet apple smell!!!
  • Make your lips feel fresh

  • Doesn't show any difference from the before after using this scrub


Jul 1, 2012

♥ETUDEHOUSE♥ Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling


OMG! It works like a miracle to my faceeeee kyaa~~

This is one of the bestselling item from etude house! But no wonder why it become a best seller product because this works at the best.
The product will actually peel off our dead skin which is very good for making our skin to be softer and also brightens as well..

I want to try this product because I read some people reviews after using this product and they all really recommend to use this product, and I after use this product to my face also recommend to all of you that have a dull skin(like mine before BOO!)

When I use it for my first time I can already tell there's a change to my skin it became more fresher and softer and definitely after I keep using it regularly now my skin looks brighter and fresher somehow.
One day my mom even told me why my face looks so much brighter now that's when I felt so happy as I know that this product really helps my skin :D

(The package somehow remind me like a ketchup bottle :p)

(Come out from a small tube like that which is fine)

(The texture is more into liquid than creamy)

(Wait for a few minutes to absorb and let it dry then just rub it off)

So here's my judging for this product:

  • Really removes my dead skin and making my skin face looks so much brighter
  • Does make my skin feels softer
  • Somehow I like the smell of this product
  • Show results in a very quick time
  • Kinda weird taking it from a tube like so
  • Why this product must be ruined by rubbing to clean the product instead of washing it off!?
  • The stuffs produced after rubbing it off it's hard to clean 
Very affordable :*

My Rate: