Jul 5, 2012

♥BAVIPHAT♥ Apple Jelly Lip Scrub


So as you can see by the tittle above, today I'm going to review about this cute mini apple jelly lip scrub :*

The product is so small as like this one will also be a small quick review.
From what I know this is a very famous product from Baviphat and as this product is super duper kawaii and so much affordable, I was thinking why don't I give it a try?? As I have like a very chapped and dry lips because I love to tear the dry skin off my lips and sometimes it can cause bleeding and making my lips a lot more worseeee !

SO what I hope from this product is actually to make all the dry skin on my lips gone so there's nothing I could tear and by that making my lips into a normal lips xD
But sadly this product is not good enough for that :( In my case there's totally no change at all before after using this product! Kinda disappointed luckily this is not a very expensive product so not a real pain for my wallet :p Actually I had pictured already the before after of using this scrub but there's really no different that's why I will not show any pic before after of my lips.

(Cute packaging! And the green color is also very lovely)

(LOOK it's only 4-5cm tall I think...)

(There's some beads inside and this thing smells so delicious xD!)

(The product is almost transparent and have some peachy color)


  • Of course the sweet apple smell!!!
  • Make your lips feel fresh

  • Doesn't show any difference from the before after using this scrub


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